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Sangli Municipal Corporation

All the development work in the Sangli-Miraj twin cities is looked at by the Sangli-Miraj-Kupwad City Municipal Corporation. The Sangli-Miraj-Kupwad City Municipal Corporation is the local organizing body, you can put this into the self-government category also. The population under the Sangli-Miraj-Kupwad City Municipal Corporation is around 0.65 million and it is the largest MC/Municipal corporation in South Maharashtra. 

The Sangli Municipal Corporation is also known as the best municipal corporation in South Maharashtra. The roads you have seen in the city that are wide and well-developed are planned and constructed by the Sangli Municipal Corporation. The management of Sangli Municipal Corporation has helped in managing the traffic in the area by developing the perfect wide roads and now the crowded roads and traffic density are less seen in the cities. 

The Sangli Municipal Corporation has taken steps towards the beautification of the area. Such as the development of lakes, sanitation management, opening of shopping centers, waste management, and slum eradication. Even the Sangli Municipal Corporation has made its identity not only in Maharashtra but even across India.

Disability is a blessing, not a curse

Another aspect of the corporation is to help disabled people. The disabled people who have received help from us treat their disability as a blessing, not as a curse. The disabled people followed and opted for the famous slogan “Mukam karoti wachalam, pangum laghayate girim” a reality”. The organization welcomes disabled people and helps them remove their frustration and then showers the blessings of several schemes of the organization. 

Mobile Shop on e-Vehicle 

The organization has received a total of 45389 applications for the benefit of the scheme’s mobile shop on e-vehicle. All of these applications are under supervision and the govt is checking the documents and eligibility of the person for the scheme. Maharashtra State Disability Finance and Development Corporation will take care of the selection of the right person for the scheme. The applicants should submit the documents online. The govt will check the eligibility rules which are issued on 10 June 2019 and 27 September 2023. 

The govt will give preference to the people who are 100% disabled. For the financial year 2023, the govt will pick 667 persons for the scheme. These persons will receive the benefits of the schemes of the govt and the other persons whose application is rejected will be disqualified from the scheme benefits. Apart from the 667 people who are left, they will be considered in the next financial year which is 2024- 2025. 

The govt will reopen the portal to submit fresh applications for the benefit of the scheme later on. The people who have not submitted their applications yet, don’t worry, your applications will be received online after the completion of the Model Code of Conduct for Lok Sabha Elections, 2024 period.

Office of the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities

The Office of the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities (CCPD) is a piece of the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is endowed with government assistance, civil rights, and strengthening of the distraught and underestimated part of the general public viz, Planned Station, Minorities, Backward Classes, Impaired, Aged People, Road Kids, and casualties of Substance addiction and so forth. As of now, Ms. Anjali Bhawra, IAS, Secretary, Branch of Strengthening of People with Inabilities, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is holding the extra charge of Boss Magistrate for People with Incapacities.

The Chief Commissioner has several rights as given below:

  1. He can identify, change, or recommend any changes to the law or policy, program, and procedures, that he thinks are inconsistent with this Act, and will show the necessary corrective process to be opted. 
  2. He can inquire, change, or recommend the deprivation of rights of persons with disabilities and protection will be given to them in cases like the Central Government is the appropriate Government to look out the matter of the PH people and will take up the matter in his hands with the help of appropriate authorities to take corrective action for the benefit of PH people. 
  3. He can review the securities provided by the law or under this law or any other law for the time being in force for the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities and he will recommend actions for their effectual implementation. 
  4. He can review the factors that hinder the delight of rights of persons with disabilities and suggest suitable restorative actions. 
  5. He can examine accords and other global mechanisms on the rights of persons with disabilities and make suggestions for their compelling undertaking. 
  6. He launches and encourages research in the domain of the rights of persons with disabilities. 
  7. He encourages cognition of the rights of persons with disabilities and the securities available for their safety. 
  8. He will observe the implementation of the requirements of this Act and plans, and programs implied for persons with disabilities. 
  9. He will scrutinize the utilization of budgets expended by the Central Government for the usefulness of persons with disabilities. 
  10. He will perform such other procedures as the Central Government may appoint.

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